On her firs album, Go! Pop! Bang!, 20-year-old Baltimore rapper Rye Rye barks out breakneck, tongue-twisting rhymes that pair perfectly with her frenetic knee-shaking, windup-toy dance steps—moves that make you wonder where she would hide a caffeine drip under those neon unitards. Growing up in the projects, she mimicked moves from Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, and Destiny’s Child music videos, and in high-school (where she joined a step team and the cheerleading squad), she caught the ear of local DJ-producer Blaqstarr by rapping on his answering machine. He quickly introduced her to M.I.A., who signed Rye Rye to her N.E.E.T. imprint, took her on tour, and appeared on the single “Sunshine,” and electro-pop school-yard anthem that’s irresistible (nearly one million YouTube views) to the inde and urban crowds alike. And although Diplo helped produce the record, don’t expect a debut filled with hyped guest spots. “You know how most people are dying to work with mainstream producers and artists?” Rye Rye says, “I really want to collaborate with people who can dance.” –Julie Vadnal

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